Failure As A Privilege

The exaltation of failure is the result of lucky people not knowing they are lucky.

If you live with a mindset wherein failure is acceptable as part of life – or worse, desired – you are privileged. If you can dust yourself off and try again, you are privileged. If you think others should ‘pick themselves up by their bootstraps’, you are brain-washed.

The privilege of failure is often confused with tenacity, or discipline, or ‘hard work’.

For many, failure means they don’t get to eat, pay rent, survive, making failure a path towards destitution. Failure can mean a spiral into unchecked mental and physical demise, which one needs a societal and personal support system. The former of which does not exist at an easily accessible level in the US system.

Minor failures can help you grow. Major failures can kill you. Unless you are lucky.

This post brought to you by frustration with society’s constant advocation of the illusion versus reality of the American Dream.