If You’re Going Into A Corporate Job This Week: Make Change for BIPOC Employees

I’m unemployed so I’m not going into an office (or remotely dialing into meetings) this week.

But if I were the first thing I would do – as a manager and leader –  is talk to my team about how they’re feeling, what they’re feeling, and what they need.

The next thing I would do is write an email summarizing the conversation I had with my team.

In this email I would ask about how the company is going to publicly take action in lending aid to what is happening to the Black community. 

In this email I would also ask how the company is going to ensure that they do no harm or retaliate against any employee who wants to speak on what the 

company can do better.

I would also ask about a timeline for when the employees can see an action-plan on what the company is going to do to proactively address EQUITY amongst BIPOC employees within the company.

I would ask how they plan to address systemic prejudice and racism within the company BEYOND what is written within their boilerplate ethics documents. 

I would offer my assistance in relation to the above.

I would send this email to the CEO, any other C-Suite executives, any heads of whatever diversity or minority committees exists, the head of HR, the entire Internal comms team, and the PR team.

I would then take notes on how long it takes to get a response and whether that response has any actual merit to it or is just boilerplate. I would hope that it wouldn’t be the latter, but based on past experience I wouldn’t expect it to be much more than rote.

Then I would either aid and assist in necessary change.

Or, and more likely based on my past experiences where I have done some or all of the above, I would slowly see myself ostracized and labeled by leadership. But I would keep doing it anyway and make myself ‘that person’ to them.

I hope some of you go into work this week and make change.